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Everything important to our staff is also important to us…

We will find the employee who can respond 100% to your needs and ideas.

Employees will then be recruited directly by you or your company.

As TCT Solutions GmbH, we employ qualified experts and auxiliary personnel for each branch and thus provide inter-branch services to our customers.

We confidently leave a variety of employees with different qualifications and skills to them. We adhere to the principles of the Temporary Employment Act (AUG).

We take care of our employees in your company, on site. We want to save you from a lot of workload by coaching our employees in the field.

That’s why we act as an interface between our employees and your company. We provide comprehensive support to our employees to keep everything running smoothly.

While you concentrate on your company’s main business; we take care of your projects and manage them according to your needs and requirements.

At TCT-Solutions GmbH, you are always in good hands with us, as your needs are always in focus. Our company is designed to make your company comfortable in every aspect and provide services tailored to your needs.

We are also happy to support you with the vehicles in our fleet. We are always at your service for the transportation of employees or the transportation of materials.

Have you come to a standstill and your fleet has begun to narrow for your crew or for the transportation of materials? No problem, we are always at your disposal with our employees and vehicles!

Our Best Services

  • We are with you 24 hours for operations and emergencies!

  • With fixed personnel costs, we offer planning security for your company.

  • For all your projects, we always employ the right employees with a targeted selection process.

  • Thanks to strong and target-oriented support for employees, we always aim to bring highly motivated employees to your company.

  • We stay in direct and always in contact for a smooth process.